Saturday, May 27, 2017

Life Lately

Ahhh, life lately has been filled with more rain, cold temperatures and did I mention more rain?  Wisconsin, you are killing me!  Seriously, I think we live in Seattle, it has rained for the past two months it seems like and to be honest as I sit here right now, it is raining again.

With the end of the school year getting closer, the boys have had some extra time to play.

Leyton has stayed busy with soccer, swimming and gymnastics.

Leyton and I cleaned out our garden and planted some new vegetables for the summer.  Fingers crossed we do not have another freeze!


Rylan's second grade class lead the Mass last Friday and they did a fantastic job!
These three look like trouble but they sure are cute!

New scooters and the skate park on Friday was much needed before the rain headed back in.

Holden had lacrosse and baseball in the cold rain.  It was miserable but they ended up winning both.


No school on Monday which meant bowling on a rainy not school day.

Trying to remember to focus on what matters most especially when life seems a little crazy and chaotic.

Well, thats a little of what's been going on around here.  The boys have two weeks left of school and as we all know, the countdown to summer has begun!

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