Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Lately

Summer is in full swing.  The boys are playing baseball.  Lots of weekends full of baseball.  Holden's team played 6 games and in the last game after several extra innings, they lost in the championship game but took home 2nd place.

Rylan's team won their tournament this weekend.

Leyton started T-ball and could not be more excited.


We have been spending some time at the pool as well but lately it has been raining so much that we have not been this week.

The boys and I found a new bike trail a couple of weeks ago and now we are frequent visitors to see the horses.  The boys have fallen in love with the horses.


Some friends and I took all of the kids hiking at Devil's Lake.  It was beautiful and such a memorable day for everyone.  We spent the after noon hiking and then ended at the lake for a quick swim.  We rode the ferry home and the boys and I are already planning another day.  It was just a great day and a great adventure with all of the kids.


Kevin had extra tickets to the Brewers game last weekend but Holden had a tournament so I ended up taking Rylan, his friend and Leyton.  All three boys received foul balls and ate tons of snacks!!! I call that a successful day at the ballpark!

Rylan started golf lessons last week.  

On June 21st, Kevin and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary....what an adventure it has been! 

Friday night, we saw Darius Rucker who was in town for the American Family Golf Tournament.  We invited some friends to join us and had the best time!  Great weather and a great concert!  

Well, that is about it that has been going on around here.  Looking forward to the holiday weekend and visiting with family and maybe a few fireworks as well! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Baseball, Lacrosse and the Last Day of School....finally!

Well, it has been a busy couple of days....last weekend the boys had 4 lacrosse games and 7 baseball games not to mention a crazy week of field day, field trips, church and the last day of school.

Here is a little recap of lacrosse, Holden played with his team on Saturday and then played in a tournament with a group of kids from all three teams.  The last game was pretty exciting with lots of contact and several goals.  The Warriors end their season with a WIN.

After the game, Holden was suppose to play baseball but with the overnight rains, the games were delayed 4 hours! Which meant his first game would not even start until after 7!


With our extra time, I took the boys to the pool for a little fun in the sun.


We rushed home to change after the pool to make it to the tournament an hour away.

Sunday, was another day of divide and conquer.  I had Rylan and we were headed in the opposite direction for baseball.


Rylan and his team played great and ended up winning the Championship game!!!  It was a very exciting day for these Thundercats!

Our last week of school was filled with field trips, field day, church and lots of other things in between but somehow we survived and made it to the last day of school!  I can not believe these two are going to be in 6th and 3rd grade in the Fall!


We ended our last day of school at the pool with friends and now we are ready to begin summer break!